Hey. There’s been some technical difficulties—nothing grand mal, just sufficient to cause delay with the books. But enough about that. How ’bout this weather and my increasing fascination with humanity? awed by the jazz-blasting bus driver dressed to the nines and microfilm from ’62 when MLK Jr. was still alive and temperatures in the warm enough to ditch the flannel johns warm with the knowing that I’d wear my shorts were they not still show-dirty from SPARTA and THURSDAY < swoons and dies >. I hugged a stranger today. Pulled faces at kids on an elementary school bus. Found a wicked nighttime bike light and heard “Pictures of You” on the radio. On campus on the wall of a bathroom stall, someone pencil-posed deeply, “If you died tomorrow, where would you go?” Below this, writ in a dreamy scrawl, is “Florida.” Brilliant.