THE TEACHING EMOTION IS ON SALE! That’s right, folks, you too can experience the full brunt of deepsicks by ordering the novel from Booksurge. I have placed an order myself for 50 books which I will sell myself at discount, but this order has yet to be filled much less shipped and received, so it’s hard to know when I’ll personally be able to provide you and yours with a copy. When this information is available, I will immediately note it here. Those who can’t stand the wait, go ahead and buy it online, though I must say, it’s in your best interests (…and probably mine…) to be patient and get it from me. Hee. In other news, I had a helluva good music appreciation week. I saw Sasha and Digweed, VNV Nation, and Christopher Lawrence (this last one for free!). The highlight?—getting lost downtown and asking several very concerned individuals at Sex World for directions to the goth-industrial lair Ground Zero, where halfway through the song Fearless, Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) started chanting the lyrics to Underworld’s Cowgirl. Oh. My. God.