Slinking in the summer daze, half asleep, half away. K. Those of you who have expressed interest in getting TTE then mysteriously drifted loose, you know who you are, and so do I, and I even know where some of you live. If money’s a problem, let it be known that I also accept donations in the form of lemons, bread, and “Oriental” Stir Fry Rice-A-Roni (damn Western “exotic” constructions—I can’t even eat without oppressive representation 😛 ). In site news, I’ve fleshed out the seminal “comic relief” page, from here on to be known as the Ministry of Texts. I hope to soon start the grunt work of Instrumental to Change (gasp!) and maybe even add some creative non-fiction (whoa!). We’ll see…. And oh! How about those 200+ hits? Thanks all eight of you for signing my guestbook (hint hint).