On May 27th, at 2:09 PM… Retrieving something from the top of my closet, I knocked my deodorant off the shelf which somehow managed to land on the switch of the power strip which hooks up our internet cable box and router (yes, our network is in my closet). Everything shut off for about 10 seconds, and now nothing works. I am without access to the digital realm until my ‘puter-dork brother comes home and figures it out (today? the end of the week? I have no idea). I’m taking this as an omen—it’s time to accomplish real, actual, important things. No more mindless entertainment and distraction. There’s letters to write, essays to revise, Instrumental to Change to fill in, out, and up, and by god!—a green world waiting just outside my window. I always thought the internet replaced my T.V., and it’s true, but stops short of reality—the internet became my T.V., and that’s frightening. I veg, glazed. Check sites compulsively. Read crap I don’t care about. Granted the web is a wonderful tool, but I have to learn to occasionally cut the Ethernet cord and engage in meaningful interaction with the physical (and internal) world: create, accomplish, act. Strive for productivity, not slip into passivity. Find motivation for getting out of bed not confined to putting on my Patriots again. Go to a park, endure a little sun, visit some friends, meet new people. I encourage every single one of you to use deodorant. Returning to the Present, and because of the past, I polished a personal essay for the perusal of those who just can’t get enough. I also got a $30 parking ticket ’cause some jackass had a quota to fill. If I were at fault, I’d admit I’s at fault, but I’m not, so I won’t, so I’ll have to stay pissed, unless I want to arrange a court appearance to be told to my face that I’m guilty while taking time off work that could be spent earning money to cover the fine I’ll have to pay, anyway < insert cuss word of your choice >.