Feeling Home

Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back with a “hey hey hey,” but hey hey hey! I’m all moved in, my room makes sense, I’m overcoming a cold with wide, mad strides, and the school/work pressure non-stop is not stoppin me. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but a seed has been sown—I’m not just saying, “No More Apathy,” I’m feeling no apathy, I’m feeling… hopeful and manic and wild.

Despite strange bouts with nausea and headaches, yesterday was a terrific day. To start it off I met writer Kevin Kautzman and his musician brother Kellen due to an infiltration of a conversation by my friend Nic concerning the recent Tool concert. An exchange of urls later, and I’m in touch with a fellow, young Minneapolis author and North Dakota native—check out Kevin’s website www.cassielalpha.com. I imagine we will all be setting things on fire sometime in the near future. Thank you, Reverend Maynard!

Later stepping onto the campus Mall I found huge pictures of dead fetuses and none other than my favorite ultraconservative posterchild-for-avoiding-LSD fire-and-brimstone evangelist Brother Jed who said, quote, “I’m here to give you a spankin’ with the Bible!”—and let’s not forget the Hare Krishna, peaceful and smiling at the edge of the green. It was like a circus (though granted, the University’s juggling club busting out in full effect had a hand in that vibe).

Sadly departing Brother Jed’s condemnations of masturbation and HOOOMMOOO-SEXUUUUALLLSSS!, I went to class where I got positive critique on a modified version of my s u s p e n s i o n piece (which I’ll eventually revise and update here, probably with more picture links—interactive media makes happy), which hell, felt good :), then saw a former coworker, who gave me a hug.

I asked her, “How was Brazil?” ’cause she’d been so excited, so open-eyed escape escape escape! and she said, “I want to live there the rest of my life”—>the most beautiful thing I’d heard in a long time, even better than a self-proclaimed Christian responding to Jed with, “How ’bout I spank you with a little shut the f*ck up?”

I like life. I really do. Especially when my dad informed me that I got a check from GM, reimbursing me the $55 for my lockout fee last July.

I’m crushed and I’m constantly killing myself but I’m making so much time. Telling so much real. …Did I mention I’m going to see the Underworld? 🙂

Site news: Perhaps you noticed the font size is… readable. Ahem. I’ve gotten complaints on the minuscule text and this is me admitting defeat. It’ll take awhile for everything to get converted as I s’pect some alignment adjusting will need to be done on several pages, but yes, it is happening. You can put away your binoculars now.

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