2002 Goodbyes

After much anguish, almond iced tea, and pseudo-breakdancing, I finished my senior project in creative nonfiction, a paper comparing the deaths of Princess Di and Elvis Presley, a paper on the film The Exorcist (8 pages! and I could’ve written more!), and a final exam on early British literature. The whole ordeal was murderous, I tell ya, but now I have a month off to do fun things, like sleep. And write. And read, though I don’t know how or where to start.

I haven’t done a “pleasure read” for months. I pick up books of late and wonder how they work. Oh, and for those interested and unaware, though I did my “senior paper” this semester, I still need 10 credits to graduate, so I’ll be in school for another term. One of my spring courses is Electronic Art. You know what that means… new and improved deepsicks, ahhhh yeeeeah.

I’ll be departing for my hometowns of Fargo and West Fargo tomorrow for a projected two week family/friend extravaganza. Wheeeeee! Once I get back to Minneapolis I plan to fix the broken. Like the Bored. And Guestbook. And as of about a week, the hit counter (grrrrr—maybe I’ll even work on that one tonight… but so much packing! present wrapping! phone number scrounging!).

I went dancing with some friends last night for the first time since **Halloween** (that’s how busy I’ve been) and as I turned onto my street at 1:15 a.m., individuals in a car tried to get me to pull over. I ignored, drove to my house, and parked; they U-ied to trail us and questioned us as we got out of the car. Why did these strangers flag us down and follow us? They wanted to see if we had any weed and wanted to hang out. Hahahahaaaaaa. I heart my ‘hood.

Site news: the Ministry has another artifact, once again from WWII. These… war… things seem to stick out more (worse) than the general day-to-day what with the general day-to-day < these sickening daze >. To hear John Wayne give a drunken patriotic rant, click here. It’s worth it, trust me.

I also ran across another article about the moral panic of the 1980’s Satanism scare, this time dealing with black magic rituals performed by daycare providers in tunnels beneath preschools, the backs of schoolbuses, and, uh, inside the baskets of hot air balloons, but I figured I could only allude to Satanic devil worship so many times before… well… “indecent proposals.” It’s Christ-mas besides.

Peace on Earth—please—and a wonderful holiday season to all regardless of beliefs and lack thereof. A tree in a house??—a good idea. Spending time with the ones you love?—I have never wanted more.

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