• yesterday’s future

    Happy Solstice and otherwise Holledays aka Annual Gift Giving and Family Time. I get a big five days in Fargo. Should be wonderful and much too quick. After months of trial-and-error total failure, I’ve finally found an easy-to-use and cool-looking comment feature from haloscan to add to the news items, taking my rants and shouts-outs

  • cult = me

    New photos of Wormwood have been added to archimago, taken from their December 2 appearance at the Uptown Bar and Cafe. I experimented with some different in-camera effects, including black and white which turned out schnazzy and the polarization filter which sucks and will never happen again, I promise. I love the light-streaky mystery, but

  • tuning out, turning in

    And how was your day? and how was your day? and how was your day at every moment step stop of the way could be doing anything, so I decided I would. Stop writing about writing, talking about talking, dreaming about dreaming. Now I do about doing. I am on sabbatical, become every bit as

  • like any

    Check out some cool Halloween shots in the newly updated archimago. The Hallowed Eve proper I became a Day of the Dead meets Misfits Fiend Hardcore Kid, an old costume revived in a panic of zero inspiration and the desire to be a badass yet… understated. I think it went well. I attended a party

  • happy hallows, saints, souls, and me!

    For Halloween my brother Bear, aged eleven almost twelve, will to be a Death Angel, the dearheart, complete with e v i l. Below is a photo of me and my best shot at Jim from 28 Days Later. Just couldn’t shave my head or justify buying a one-time use wig (and I didn’t even

  • r.i.p. x.o.

    Next Tuesday the 28th, Prefuse 73 plays at the 400 Bar. Shortly over a year ago, I vowed never to return to that venue—humid, smoky, and insufferably jammed—where I witnessed one of the musicians I admired the most make an ass of himself and a fool of me. I don’t know whether he was drunk

  • catching up

    Sometime in 2000 Fargo-friend Luke asked if I went to the Marilyn Manson concert. I probably snickered. I remember being curious but not enough to pay to stand in one spot at the seats-only venue, especially without being a fan. I would’ve been bored. Probably would’ve broken something. “You missed out,” Luke told me, and

  • the therebefore

    Friday after work I drove to Fargo doubting, was I doing the right thing? hanging onto seven years that hang and hold me. One of the very few things that happened that happened in The Teaching Emotion is that a nobody band named AFI played in a basement in West Fargo, North Dakota, September 27,