robots feel pain

I know I already mentioned (ranted about?) this in the last news item, but I thought I’d throw it out there again in a more positive light (…sort of…). I are a graduate! That’s right—I’ve been duped into believing an education’s worth receiving and actually went through with it, like a good monkey should.

Sunday morning I will escape the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with an honorific English degree, hotly pursued by student-loan officers into the magical land of the worst job market in two decades. Should you wish to amuse me greatly and receive utmost appreciation, I invite you to send money through Paypal—it’s listed as a donation for Eternal Grad-itude ’cause I’m clever like that.


 As many of you know, I like music. I like it a lot. I also recently got a burner that I’ve yet to put to adequate use. I’ve decided to make a compilation of all the songs I listen to on repeat. …Which I do often, and not because the rest of the albums are horrible, but because these particular songs are really good, meaningful, speak to me and oftentimes tell me what to say—either that or they’re conducive to rocking out, and thus I listen to them. Over and over. For hours at a time.

And I want to share these diverse and strange-beautiful songs as an offering of my state-of-mind and insight into how exactly I survived university and the last couple-few years of my life (by slipping into repetitious cycles? by resisting the passing of time?—it’s intense and intriguing, I know). The CDs were initially meant for fellow grads, but hell, I’m sharing the love for whoever wants one. Email me with your mailing address and I’ll hooks you up gratis. It might take a few days/weeks, but I promise it’ll happen.

All day I’ve been in the worst pain I’ve felt in awhile. I ditched out of work, and the Machine has been very kind even though robots shouldn’t feel pain. 🙁 I best wrap this up before the Percocet kicks in. Lovely evenings to all and to all the reminder to take comfort in the knowing that you cannot feel your kidneys because you shouldn’t be aware of your kidneys when your kidneys love you very much.