little pushes

The website overhaul’s taking longer than anticipated. Sorry. In the meantime I badly sprained or mildly broke my ring-finger while rocking out in my room to the Blood Brothers. I was playing guitar. I also fell down at the corner of Cedar and Riverside during heavy traffic and skinned my limbs, ate fruit in a three a.m. parking lot, got my little brother into early ’80s-era Cure, swam in Lake Calhoun, saw a play about zombies, and fielded a phone call from Marilyn Manson. The fruit was good.

With hope come September, I’ll be living in Prospect Park, the most gorgeous neighborhood I’ve yet seen in the fair city of Minneapolis. I was also recently introduced to the Minneapolis Project, a website with pictures of downtown. It hasn’t been updated in awhile, but what is there so far is very pretty.

Tomorrow evening I will see A Perfect Circle. Here is a Real Player hookup to their first single, Weak and Powerless, linked from I will let it communicate itself by itself though I can’t resist saying I am so excited for the September 16 release of their album “Thirteenth Step.”

As you all should know well, new sounds move me, and this in particular is the music that holds me on edge with an edge tight against my pulsing. And, of course, while the music itself is instrumental (~naturally~), vocalist Maynard Keenan with his mad powerful lyrics is a force of unrivaled magnificence. I’ve seen him perform seven times: four with Tool and thrice with APC, with six of these instances in the past three years. This will be the eighth time, and… and…wow. Mr. Keenan makes me want to make things.

Other Music News: After a much-too-long wait, Fluke (who are not dead) should have their new album “Puppy” out sometime… soon? I’ve unearthed an August 11 release date, but methinks that’s only for Europa. I swear I’m the only person this side of the pond who cares. :\

Site News: I’ve rearranged and rewritten content (most significantly, “”) on the homepage, i.e., what yer lookin’ at, revised instrumental, and trashed the bio for something that actually reflects the now. Also new is a short piece of creative nonfiction titled What to Wear When Last Seen—it is briefly referenced in one of the interviews so I figured I’d include it.

Given that most of the nonfiction at d6 is linked from other pages, I hope to create a section specifically for such links for quick reference. Also watch for a photography section, link page, and possibly a commenting (ahem… “blog”) feature on this here homepage. Thanks for your patience with these updates. If you have any feedback, fire away.