fake fake fake


About a year ago I attended the First Annual Fargo Winter Carnivale and danced all crazy-like before the stage, blown away by Fakeproject. After a series of emails, trials, errors and significant loads of mutual respect and awe, a year later—last weekend—I found myself on the stage performing with Fake (aka Dan Reetz). Yeah. Wow.

And I know I’m supposed to be all cool ‘n shit, but I was pretty damned scairt. Much of it was positive adrenaline but I could’ve done without the sensation of strangulation for the half week prior. I also know I’m not supposed to admit to screwing up, but I did, and it was okay, even impressive, given my easily on-track-getting and relative calm (with the exception of Dan’s inclusion of an unrehearsed sample that sounded like microphone feedback—you jackass. 😉

Thanks so much to all who promoted, performed at, and attended the Carnivale. I have a lot to learn about lyrical performance and presence, and the show is a grand and crucial experience to build upon.

For those who missed the set (and those who were present and want more/a reminder/come again??), check out the words. Other media may be forthcoming—you’ll know as soon as I do.

UPDATE: I just added some pictures from the show, taken by Chris Moose. There ain’t that many and they’re far away (no fault of Chris’, who was also running the DV cam), so take ’em or leave ’em. I also included some I took of St. Vitas and Ed, whose performance was quality and video curiously stellar.