a whisper in the noise

Yes, I am supposed to be dead. I am trying. It is hard. But diplomacy and passion drive me to encourage all to check out A Whisper in the Noise. This past Thursday I attended their CD release show at the Triple Rock.

In collaboration with Duluth-based experimental guitar noise band If Thousands, AWitN unveiled the album 2d, a string and piano (and drum and synth and vocal and french horn and media sample) -driven masterpiece orchestrated by the genius of West Thordson. His is a brilliance that renders listeners trembling sick, and the presence and energy of the totality of a Whisper and If Thousands overwhelms. Multitextured thick, at once punishing and soothing, 2d is so right now it’s futuristic and might fail miserably because of it.

But I can and do hope otherwise. In an age of information saturation, syndication and what-the-hell-is-really-happening, the fragmented lyrics and disjointed news clips weaving through the noise of 2d identify (and mimic-wear the guise of well) the reality and truth of political mass media: Incoherence is the only language with currency, and the only things worth saying are left unsaid yet the stand-ins say it all.

Sample songs are available at their website, but I’ll tell it straight, the quality’s shit (at least of the new album). This is something that must be experienced live—and A Whisper in the Noise is off to Europe to tour on March 13, so their upcoming show Thursday, March 11, at the 7th Street Entry is your last chance (would you come back? I sure wouldn’t). If you’re in the Cities, please please please come. If you’re not, come anyway. You can sleep on my floor. I’ll feed you pasta.

Right now they’re selling 2d in a limited-edition handmade wooden case—I’m not sure when the regular version will be released and sold to the public at large (that is, through record store outlets and online), but you’ll hear it here for sure. If anyone would like me to pick up one of the special editions, email me and we’ll arrange for it—or just come to the show and buy one yourself. You want to. Bad.

In other quick-short news, I attended my precinct caucus on Super Tuesday. Was scared for some reason, felt I wouldn’t feel right, not particularly passionate about any of the last-standing candidates in the fight for the most important and powerful position in the United States and, unfortunately, the world. But I went. Had… fun. It didn’t feel weird much less wrong—it felt right and really, really left.

So many young and tenfolds more old, pouring into the basement of a church, crowded standing along the walls and sitting on the floor in front with a passing mike I think I feel I believe I know. Close to tears at times to hear the ayes on the lips of my neighbors to address the issues that conflict this country, this state and city, the backward policies, the narrowing economy, the corroding civil liberties that cut me up, that quit me from active anything. I’m tired of being embarrassed by, ashamed of and in denial of loving and hating this country so goddamned much. November can’t come soon enough.

Site News: the Scar Strangled Banter was posted at www.bushflash.com, which effectively destroyed deepsicks (575 plus hits, and since d6’s been down and the film subsequently pulled, I’ve gotten over 1700 “not founds” [!!!]). This is, of course, awesome, but unfortunately the .mpg had to get the boot. It may now be found here here at high quality (or choose your bitrate and explore other films here).