• will, way, check.

    If you’re reading this, I’m a genius, or dogged enough to figure out how to make it happen—ftp from the university in secrecy as though anyone would care, really, though surreptitious down- and uploading is undoubtedly frowned upon. I’ve been working at a library at the U of M since the beginning of September to

  • the future needs me present

    I finished a journal last week—another volume in the life of megh, bringing with it a sense of accomplishment “I did it!” did what? and the ominous intimidation of a brand new blank book waiting (though my journaling is sporadic, I already have another one gilded flowery). The last one took me about a year,

  • baby baby

    Check out the bluejays. Their mum and dad made a nest *right outside my study window.* Been watching them get all big and adorable. This update’s mostly just a quick note—given the lack of post office box mail I’ve been receiving, I have decided to close my box, effective at the end of the month.

  • feeling all right

    Greatings! No cataclysms are occurring but good things nonetheless. First of all and most marvelously, I have a library internship at Utne magazine starting at the end of the month through the end of August. For those unaware, Utne is compiled from thousands of alternative and small-press publications, zines, books and internet sites, serving up

  • midwest über alles

    So when I wrote that the new, improved deepsicks was a farewell burial for the Death of the Internet, I wasn’t kidding. Thus… long lag. Not that I haven’t been making treks cross and back the world wide web. I’ve just been making strides in Real Life, too, and that feels pretty good. If falling

  • Identity

    Over the past several months I’ve lost the thread of how to define myself—whether describing identity in terms of what’s urgent and the sum of circumstance, location and relationship is meaningful, honest or accurate. I don’t deny being a product of my experiences (as though they had me and not the reverse). But I don’t

  • rapture at last

    With exception of a site map which may or may not ever get made, the deepsicks overhaul is complete. As stated in prior posts, much of the content is the same, only arranged differently with a so-I-hope sharper feel. Pages with significantly altered content include the identity section, updated to reflect my current musings, and

  • still lookin

    Hey. Still working on CSS hax0rz and stuff. Check out the Wormwood photos from the Meiosis release here. JM Coetzee’s Disgrace is the best-written book I’ve ever read. Thanks to Mark for insisting well over a year ago that I read it. I don’t know whether the delay reflects upon me poorly (about time) or