• fight this

    Trekking all over Seattle finds me a tofu corn dog and Chipotle I couldn’t pass up, poetry on the streets sold on scraps and rapped from corners. The city becomes more familiar with every touching down, every bus shuttle kickoff at the base of the Space Needle, asking peace officers for pointings in right directions

  • snow day

    It’s been raining every day for a month. Saturday afternoon, it started to snow. I forgot the cold, forgave the cloaks on still green leaves, the waxy tropic ovals without a Midwest chance. The home-from-campus bus that normally drags out sighs, claws patience, twists my spine into a hateful slump waste of time delivers a

  • happy h-day and vote nov. 7, my ammie pally-whos

    I cast my absentee ballot last week. Though I’m short a look-at-me, I’m-a-good-citizen “I voted!” sticker, I did get a SECRECY ENVELOPE, which more than made up for it (even though I had to send it back). I know it’s hard to tell whether I’m crying or rocking out: I am in fact rocking out.

  • paradigm SHIFT!

    I know what youall are thinking, you’re thinking tell us about Vancouver! and get all philosophical while you punish us with your emotional agenda! Sorry, folks, but I’ve been ill with a nasty cold and overwhelmed with various activities of the needful kind and sneaking in the exploration when I’m not pass-out fatigued or dizzy

  • what will i done

    My train leaves in 6 hours. I know people who know people who have taken the same train just to take it—the journey the destination across the plains and through the mountains it’s so gorgeous, just you wait westward bound on the shamelessly named Empire Builder. When my dad was a little boy, he took


    In effort to raise funds to ship myself to Canada, I am offering the last print of famed and fabled ZOMBIKEN! up for ebay auction.

  • righting now

    Working at the library, I have an hour lunch break I take late afternoon, often outside when the weather suits fine. I sit in the grass and eat and read and have taken to the squirrels and taken flak for it. Mangy, vicious beasts! Vile creatures, too quick and crawly wily! I break off pieces