• happy birthday, d6!

    This March marks the fifth year of deepsicks dot com! Five years old, baby honey! SOOOO BIG! I’d like to celebrate with more than mac n cheese (called Kraft Dinner here, all culture shockingly, commercial soundbite trashproud pearly whites), but five-year-olds like garish food with fridge-triage tomato and fake meat, yeah? I hope so, I

  • building a desert

    Here in library school, the mantra goes, “The first semester is hard.” All new students take the same four classes together and it’s murderous then it’s over, and you can move on to courses no less hard but allegedly less intensive. …Was the refrain, almost a point of pride we survived, and kid, you’ll survive

  • new happy year

    When I first moved to Vancouver, I had a three-month sublet, a bedroom filled with meanings not my own. Everything is temporary, knew that already, eating off a stranger’s plates and sleeping in a stranger’s bed. I looked forward to a different living situation to have a space of my own, with my own things,