• for a limited time only

    The University of Victoria has a Ring Road and I have determined this to be a damned shame, consistently warping my sense of direction and claiming the distinction of long-standing university political contention. Why aren’t we on the inside of The Ring? like academics don’t have enough things to bitch about. The best green buildings,

  • keeping my nose clean

    Though several days have passed since the election of the Next President of the United States, I haven’t updated since, and so: My guy won! Woohoo!

  • boo bravo

    I am naturally biased, but oh, my lil jack-o-lantern squash turned out gorgeous. Its seeds weren’t bad, either.

  • zombies, hooray!

    A few hundred zombies lurched from Centennial Square to the Legislature and back, with a detour through the Bay Centre shopping mall and occasional pause to pose with the screaming children of Korean tourists.

  • more fun than Eddie Murphy in French

    It’s been tough this election season, being in Canada where the action ain’t (and they’ve their own campaigns to mind). Mostly, I cry. Oh glorious day, when my absentee ballot arrived. In 2006 I took a photo to commemorate my Secrecy Envelope. This year, I’ve pulled out all the stops to document my patriotic anguish

  • i went to the animal fair

    The birds and the beasts were there. On the way in the winding car of colleagues, eager to see bunnies and farmkid arts and crafts (I’m a llama woman, myself), I was bitching out fantastic all my being an American. It was a few weeks ago, the Sunday before the RNC. The arrests riling, piling