• raincheck

    Note the date. The ticket, not torn. First time listening to the latest album, I knew I had to see them before the opening track was done: I dreamed about the few US tour locations with the might of so what, I can do this, do anything, I am an adult! now soon again, Happy

  • nicollet’s jinn

    Sinbad’s Cafe and Deli on Nicollet Ave has been closed for months, maybe years now.

  • employed

    It is October, unseasonably warm, and I am slave to a fat knee, twisted from dancing, naturally, in the clutches of crutches and bicycle envy.

  • monster peace lily: 3 in 3 in 1.5 infinity

    My peace lily has its own soundtrack. Really it’s just one song, and only 1.5 seconds of a song, and that song is Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” where the guy goes WAAAA-AA-AAA-AAAAAH! A housewarming gift from my mom about a year ago (bought at Ikea, naturally), this beast has flowered an astounding three times