• belated bebearded boo

    Bree, Josh and I went to the Huge Theater Rent Costume Party as The Bearded Men. Any excuse to buy the Leading Man Wig!  

  • zombie commodity

    In 2008 for the Victoria, BC, zombiewalk I made brains out of bread and glue and had them gaping through a tear in my toque: Three years later, Target sells it for $12: [quote source=”” rating=”0″]Flattering? Infuriating? Am I really smart or really stupid, both or neither or nothing?[/quote] BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS.  

  • down to the tightrolls

    I read a lot of graphic novels. “Oh, like Watchmen.” Well. No. And I suppose we could wrestle the semantics of graphics, what it means to be a comic when the content isn’t funny, or if it’s still literary when the letters scribble off, word bubbles popped. Many prominent artists are my age, or just

  • sirens

    What’re you gonna be for Halloweeeeeeen? Hell if we know.