• Everything Is Terrible

    Roaming the Lake Street Savers, I spied my first Jerry in the wild. I had to buy it, of course, and of course planned to send it to Everything Is Terrible’s Maguire Watch, but now I kind of want to keep it. It’s so… alluring. And magical. It really ties the room, my apartment and

  • mississippi megalops

    I have a hard time relaxing. Every hour is structured, how else will life and death get done? and when the warm weather comes and wants my sweat, I kinda freak out. Fun is so much fun, but the sun, so unproductive. Thanks, Sam, for inciting adventure. At 2 a.m. we sneak on a riverboat

  • three inches

    Not hard to keep my chin up, just hard to keep from laughing, I know better than to take anything too seriously.