2011 llama pageant


Yesterday I saw my first llama pageant, an annual event at the Minnesota State Fair and now, inevitably, a tradition for me of hilarity and wildly imaginative kids and their decked out llamas. Here are a few of the notable:

Frog Prince llama—winner of the Intermediate division.

Garden llama has shoes!


Eeyore llama looked great but was having panic attacks. Mer.

This is a terrible picture of Viking Ship llama, but it was fantastic (and champion of the Senior division). Its legs are the ocean (with fish!), and the boat on its back has movable paddles. Stunning.

Mickey Mouse llama was scary. Never put an animal in a white hood. Just don’t.

Just when I thought my evening couldn’t get any better, I saw QR code crop art:

…which takes you to a psychedelic video about seeds:

Thank you, MN State Fair. Thank you.


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