birthday cave

Wednesday was Arthur’s birthday. I take considerable pride in my gift wrapping prowess. But this one takes the cake (which I also made, German chocolate with the icing homemade, it was awesome, yeah).

Saying that it looked like an episode of Lost, he did not fail to notice that this is our house, Google Map gift wrap plane crashed about our yard, we’re in the flight path, after all.

Birthday present wrapped in a Google satellite map with a plastic toy plane crashed on it.

He did not guess, though, that I got him a green laser for extending his wonder and touching the stars (and hopefully never taking down aircraft). Yippee!

Then for good measure we prowled around a cave.

Arthur and me in a cave.

Inner Space Cavern was discovered in 1963 in Georgetown, Texas, during the construction of Interstate 35.

As in, whoops! Here’s a cave!

The Texas Highway Department wanted to pump it full of cement, but the landowner-cum-cave-master would have none of it. They’ve since uncovered bones of prehistoric animals with sections of the cave still unexplored.

Cave with stalactites and -mites.

It includes adorable tiny bats, aptly described as furry chicken nuggets. They kindly did not get caught in my hair even once.



Soda straws on the cave roof.

Here’s one of the resident baby ibex.

There was also a zebra, but the zebra was a jerk.

No internet fame for jerk zebra.


  • Bree

    September 15, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Ah, that umbrella, which I opened at Jewel of India, indoors much to Colin’s chagrin (or was it Claire’s?). I kept some of the wrapping paper on it, and it’s there to this day.

  • Anonymous

    September 16, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Very cool Meg! That is some inspired gift wrap. My birthday is tomorrow, but somehow I don’t think a cave is in my future 🙁 Glad the owner saved it from the cement. Thanks for sharing. We will have to check it out if we ever make it to Texas.

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