switcheroo got its clock cleaned. My librarian porfolio and résumé site has been moved to the subdomain while megholle now goes to a personal and social media website portal because I wanted one and then I made it, lightweight and responsive and cute as a bug’s ear:

Good times! The RSS feed for still works, if you’re a nerd like that.

In milestone news, this post is the 299th deepsicks post, and both Death Reference Desk and Meg Holle, Librarian, turn 5 this year (MH in January, DRD in June). GOSH! Because DeathRef is mostly embarrassing at this point, it’s next on the smack-n-hack docket. There are plenty of things I’d like different and refreshed with d6, too—the current design is already 4 years old—but I cannot bring myself to seriously consider it quite yet.

Seed! Planted!

Water sunlight worms! WITHHELD.


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  • Anonymous

    June 20, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Sleek like ocelot.

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