new duds

Welcome to the new deepsicks! *cuts ribbon*

This is a purchased theme, because apparently that’s how the internet works now. It took considerable time getting it to the point it is now, tracking down images to introduce them larger and cleaning up a Unicode clash. You’ll still see some code junk in older posts—I’ll get to them when I can (I tried to implement some universal fixes, which corrected broken parts but busted others, and I am frankly too afraid to search/replace my database—irritating, rawr).

Recovering photos has been a trip. I’ve used several cameras over the years, and a half-dozen laptops and computers, which may or may not account for all the wrong dates when I sort my pictures. I find my first trip to NYC next to a six-years-later Miami. House on the Rock and a half-mast Maple Leaf limp on the pole, then back in Orlando with a TV in the mirror.

Bad Librarian. Didn’t mind my lesson in personal archiving, didn’t pay the attention I keep talking about, now thrust (NOW) in exercises in everything is happening at once, again.

I’ve drunk this up already, Baso.
Broke my mind before.

I’ll keep poking and picking when I can. Get everything up to speed, slowed down. S’hard, ’cause

and the heat broke in Austin, outside now a beacon, like it wants me in it, and not dead.

Speaking of which, You Are Not Dead is getting some play in New York for Canadians Are Mean, a curated collection of prickly Canadian theater people. Well done, Black Pants.