Pressed and pretty good

Got a bug in my ear, scratched till it bled, then oops oh baby had to clean the mess. Didn’t mean to. Normally I think these things through, hem-haw agonize over themes and possibilities, but I all of a sudden I was throwing down and digging in.

So here you have it—a new deepsicks!

I swear I did this just the other week. It was a year and a half ago—and only a handful of posts in between, I know. I know. I know. I liked how big the images were but the load time was a killer and the homepage grid made me wanna barf. Too dense and dumb, and the forced featured images irked me. All the white space in all the wrong place, and the monitor to device inconsistency. I didn’t like looking at it, which made me not want to post, or at least that’s my excuse. But this new design feels closer to right, and I’m feeling fine, or will, when my Laptop Spine decompresses.

We’re in the deep heat of summer, coming off the rain that’s killing Louisiana. NPR likes to preface their bits with “less than 90 days!” till our first woman president or last president ever, and it feels awful close. It feels awful.

Lafitte, she’s still


…and we expect her to remain so, though we must wait a few months for confirmation, a routine testing for the heartworms we (hope we) killed this spring.

She’s a pretty good girl. Even when she’s terrible, and she is, and I love her.