• Leaf Peepin

    October saw us on aeroplanes herk-jerkin to Boston that chewed us up in traffic and spit us out on 93. It was dark and stormy when we reached our destination—a New Hampshire cabin owned by Arthur’s aunt and uncle.

  • Horse of a Different Color

    But I didn’t want to just wave, carry a sign, trailing behind. I briefly entertained being a flying monkey but remembered hm, I have that horse head mask… of course! THE HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR!

  • weeding wonder

    I’m doing grubby pulls, the grossest of the gross, a final sweep before we RFID everything. Get those torn, ragged, stained, worn smokers’ home monstrosities off the shelf.

  • Big Bend and Marfa

    We wanted to camp in Big Bend and return to the McDonald Observatory. See the heavens through giant telescopes, through our naked eyes, tiny orbs in the galaxy and the Marfa lights.

  • snail chainmail

    He shines at cutting to the chase. Upfront about openness and great at advice, our hearts have often been in the best worst place, and he never lets me get away with not knowing what I’m really saying.

  • decembering

    Into a false winter where the sun still feels a balmy 69 then sets when it damn please.

  • Arkansas Adventure

    For Memorial Day Weekend we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, famed for its ancient, bubbling waters the one-time cure-all of baseball players, gangsters and the frail elite, the ailing down-and-out, too. While some original offerings are intact—spas in the historic buildings along Bathhouse Row—tourist trap attractions have taken hold in haunted street tours, the duck-bus-boat-things