• not a social ill, just socially ill

    As a profoundly dedicated music enthusiast, I’m deeply numbed by the Chicago and Rhode Island nightclub tragedies. My thoughts are with the victims, survivors, and their families, and I wish they didn’t need to be—I wish they weren’t ’cause I can think of nothing else, and it makes me want to throw up. While ostensibly

  • Joy, Rage, and Adventures in Interlibrary Loan

    Greetings. The holidays were great. I’m still on vacation until the 21st, yay. Been busy working and trying to nurse my sick computer back to health. If you have the piece-of-junk MSN Messenger tag-along program “loadqm” running in the background of your Windows, kill it, now. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what’s been giving

  • Deferral of the Inevitable with (Dinosaur) Adventures in 3D

    So technically this time—Sunday Sunday Sunday—is reserved for me to begin my senior paper project of a nonfictive creative nature with as-of-yet undetermined content. But I don’t know what to do (what the hell am I going to do??) so that’s right—deepsicks gets an update. Um… let’s see. Underworld was fantastic, spectacular amazing electrifying and

  • Freebies and Stupid Breaking Things

    I just fixed a busted link. Gimme a cookie! Wait, I have cookies—Halloween Oreos smashed to hell (on sale!) turning my spit to mud and—somehow—giving me a headache. Is this bad? Hm. Last night I saw “Red Dragon” in a free preview showing on campus. It was okay… a little sloppy and rushed at points,

  • Feeling Home

    Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get back with a “hey hey hey,” but hey hey hey! I’m all moved in, my room makes sense, I’m overcoming a cold with wide, mad strides, and the school/work pressure non-stop is not stoppin me. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but a seed has been