• Secretly Punk Rock

    I attended the multi-band, skateboard/bmx/motocross fest Warped Tour in St. Paul a couple weeks ago… yeah, yeah, I’m way slow with updates these days—work, school, blah blah blah. Anyway. I had a lot of fun despite not seeing Bad Religion because of the massive flash-flood rainstorm and having missed most of Thursday because the tour

  • …And You All Thought I Died

    I apologize for the lack of updates, but I think a congratulations is in order, as I HAVE SURVIVED A HELL WEEK! mixed with ~heaven~ (ooooooo!) Wanna hear about it? Of course you do! Thursday was my last day of (first summer session) class, but I had a final paper yet to write, due on

  • Digital camera fun and fists against apathy

    News items will now have headings. You like? Good! So this is me delaying the inevitable—homework—what the hell was I thinking? Summer school? So why the update, um… I changed a pic on the bio page and uploaded some shots so everyone can see my new pants, burned foot, and a week’s wages, all linked

  • stepping beyond

    This piece was first composed July 10, 2001, as an email to three friends then expanded and revised in the spring of 2002 in a creative nonfiction course. Yes, it’s a true story—the Real MacKaye. 🙂 If ever you eat at My Viet in Fargo, North Dakota, check out the upright beverage cooler crammed with fruit

  • Untitled

    DJ Shadow’s “Private Press” owns my stereo and I start summer school in a week < cries >. The city looked mighty sinister this evening, dark blue gray and aching haze, walls of clouds enclosing the skyscrapers (mmm, i love) thunder thunder lightening ahead…. Speaking of which, I started Underworld’s Instrumental to Change bit… it’s