• observantory

    This time we go west, wave at Fredericksburg as we pass, into the deep expanse of desert steppe and mesas.

  • House on the Rock

    A shaky truth inside rebuke: Desire this wild, this intense and detailed excises the requirement to answer for it.

  • New York for a day

    Found Anna in her cherished windowed corner kitchen, glowing in the blank bright white of day, parleying with succulents, mending her mane. We et up Chinatown and stomped around SoHo, went to Coney Island to see what Grandma had to say. Oh, the possibilities! The claptrap chasms! Danced the darkness in and away.    

  • Costa Rica! Part 1: San José

    This post covers the first leg, when I was working in the capital San José, with some exploring on my own but mostly touring with university folks.

  • all backed up

    I returned from Costa Rica to a sick machine. Can’t fool me, I knew it was a goner, and it did too.