• not a social ill, just socially ill

    As a profoundly dedicated music enthusiast, I’m deeply numbed by the Chicago and Rhode Island nightclub tragedies. My thoughts are with the victims, survivors, and their families, and I wish they didn’t need to be—I wish they weren’t ’cause I can think of nothing else, and it makes me want to throw up. While ostensibly

  • “There Were So Many Dreams, There Was No Time For Sleep”

    This past couple of weeks I’ve shadowed the living in a constant state of shock, surreal—nothing surprises, only lets down and terrifies. Personally politically psychically I’m shaken, a manic puking mess hysterical, I laugh when I should cut, cry when I should fight back, sleep when I should write, dream when I should wake up,

  • headline quick cuts open, kills student

    Is it poor form to show pain in digital? couldn’t be as possibly as numb as in passing to notice a headline on a monitor at work, a mute machine informing me my senator is dead and i try to unlearn it, try to make it unreal, i try to find words to fit the