• House on the Rock

    A shaky truth inside rebuke: Desire this wild, this intense and detailed excises the requirement to answer for it.

  • Northern Spark 2012

    Bikes in tow, brother Rob and I zoomed all over the gorgeous Minneapolis night for street tacos, impromptu dance parties, flame-thrower bicycles, giant puppets, wee shadow poppets, critical mass traffic jams and games with light and sound.

  • artlanta

    Be curious, don’t question what draws the eye in. But don’t always believe what the eye sees.  

  • down to the tightrolls

    I read a lot of graphic novels. “Oh, like Watchmen.” Well. No. And I suppose we could wrestle the semantics of graphics, what it means to be a comic when the content isn’t funny, or if it’s still literary when the letters scribble off, word bubbles popped. Many prominent artists are my age, or just

  • 2011 llama pageant

    Yesterday I saw my first llama pageant, an annual event at the Minnesota State Fair.

  • century of the self

    Y’all cogs are fools, capitalistic tools, me too tis of thee, all sorts of angst I thought I’s over, sidling up to thirty.