• achieving objections

    Given the past several deepsicks updates and subsequent discussions, the past several months of my real-life tuning in, fully intellectually engaged and emotionally invested ’cause I care so much and want so much positive things for the nation and world, I suppose a few words are in order. Enough time has passed to suggest thought-out,

  • not safe for humans

    i swore i wouldn’t watch it. the moment i heard it happened, i swore i didn’t want to see. it was linked from a friend’s site. “not safe for work, life, humans” is all it said, and curiosity clicked. when the media player stalled at the opening, i knew immediately this is it but only

  • r.i.p. x.o.

    Next Tuesday the 28th, Prefuse 73 plays at the 400 Bar. Shortly over a year ago, I vowed never to return to that venue—humid, smoky, and insufferably jammed—where I witnessed one of the musicians I admired the most make an ass of himself and a fool of me. I don’t know whether he was drunk

  • little pushes

    The website overhaul’s taking longer than anticipated. Sorry. In the meantime I badly sprained or mildly broke my ring-finger while rocking out in my room to the Blood Brothers. I was playing guitar. I also fell down at the corner of Cedar and Riverside during heavy traffic and skinned my limbs, ate fruit in a

  • the thief is me

    For graduation I got new shoes, oatmeal cookies, and a digital camera. Today I look like this: I visited Fargo this past week in pity-preparation for ureteroscopic surgery to remove my kidney stone. All those hugs from family and friends must have jarred it loose, because I passed it through my system Saturday night making

  • robots feel pain

    I know I already mentioned (ranted about?) this in the last news item, but I thought I’d throw it out there again in a more positive light (…sort of…). I are a graduate! That’s right—I’ve been duped into believing an education’s worth receiving and actually went through with it, like a good monkey should. Sunday

  • la la laaa

    I’m done with classes, and once I finish a final paper, I will have completed seventeen years of formal education. I am more than ready-willing to leave this life-track after high school, you go to college and then what? I’m not going to grad school. I need to pay bills and loans, but to start

  • have fun at recess, kids

    Saturday night at eight my friend Anna and I went to the Kitty Cat Klub (horrible name—gorgeous-awesome atmosphere) in Dinkytown for some chai and life/thought catch-up. After about an hour we noticed a horde of people flooding the streets. The University of Minnesota Gophers had just won the NCAA National Hockey Championship in Buffalo, NY.