• have fun at recess, kids

    Saturday night at eight my friend Anna and I went to the Kitty Cat Klub (horrible name—gorgeous-awesome atmosphere) in Dinkytown for some chai and life/thought catch-up. After about an hour we noticed a horde of people flooding the streets. The University of Minnesota Gophers had just won the NCAA National Hockey Championship in Buffalo, NY.

  • hi.

    Long time, no update, and nothing new to say now ‘cept ughhh I wanna graduate, tear the timeleech from my mind. I’ve had more kidney trouble and with the non-pain days, fevers, headaches, and apathy. Trying to get help has been a nightmare—long story short, to ensure insurance covers the bills, I’ll have to make

  • whoaaaaaa-ohhhhhhhh i’m still alive

    I passed a kidney stone on Wednesday—it was the most excruciating experience I’ve ever and will ever have (until I pass another; this was my second, and I am too young). It’s reportedly the most painful event one can undergo and still survive—worse than broken bones, major surgery, giving birth, and getting shot. I like

  • not a social ill, just socially ill

    As a profoundly dedicated music enthusiast, I’m deeply numbed by the Chicago and Rhode Island nightclub tragedies. My thoughts are with the victims, survivors, and their families, and I wish they didn’t need to be—I wish they weren’t ’cause I can think of nothing else, and it makes me want to throw up. While ostensibly

  • headline quick cuts open, kills student

    Is it poor form to show pain in digital? couldn’t be as possibly as numb as in passing to notice a headline on a monitor at work, a mute machine informing me my senator is dead and i try to unlearn it, try to make it unreal, i try to find words to fit the

  • Northeast Minneapolis, 10.06.02, 1:13 AM

    Nic begins a story when holy shit! the car ahead of us hits a pole in the median of Hennepin and sails through the air. We watch between the wipers/through the drops as the vehicle does a quarter turn considers flipping clean over but nosedives instead into the concrete CRUNCH I panic pumping brakes barely