• Merge

    Three months on, and I still don’t have the words. But I do have the pictures, the whole day off, fingerless gloves and a sleepy dog wedging her head in the base of the roller chair.

  • Good Night, Sweet Boy

    I consider the calculus, how many steps to the stage, the likelihood of distraction with all the crowd smells and ground noms, what if someone careens into the aisle right on top of him?

  • lionsitting

    We stirred magic capsules in a cauldron of water till they turned into foam bugs.

  • safety and love

    I looked for proper dinosaurs to give my niece for her second birthday, but all I could find are battery-operated blinkenlight mech-warrior monstrosities, with guns.

  • treevenge

    A couple years ago, my dad bought some land up lake country so he can be the Minnesotan that he acts like.

  • christmas came!

    I launched my first tree, found last summer curbside-sad while on an alley jog through East Isles.