• treevenge

    A couple years ago, my dad bought some land up lake country so he can be the Minnesotan that he acts like.

  • christmas came!

    I launched my first tree, found last summer curbside-sad while on an alley jog through East Isles.

  • mississippi megalops

    I have a hard time relaxing. Every hour is structured, how else will life and death get done? and when the warm weather comes and wants my sweat, I kinda freak out. Fun is so much fun, but the sun, so unproductive. Thanks, Sam, for inciting adventure. At 2 a.m. we sneak on a riverboat

  • hear hear the new year, sharp and brave

    Anna took this picture at dive-bar karaoke. We sang “Pump Up the Jam,” it is the longest song ever, and EMF’s “Unbelievable,” which we mangled. It was stellar, a night to remember, I can do things that are stupid but still scare me. Christmas happened, draining, driving all over groundstorming North Dakota, thinking about Thailand

  • sparkler lady

    Chain-lighting sparklers while Mom held back the toddlers, I burned only one boy.

  • soo (tres)pass

    The family that trespasses together,     stays together.