• not safe for humans

    i swore i wouldn’t watch it. the moment i heard it happened, i swore i didn’t want to see. it was linked from a friend’s site. “not safe for work, life, humans” is all it said, and curiosity clicked. when the media player stalled at the opening, i knew immediately this is it but only

  • happy new year

    I don’t make resolutions, I make demands, and I want to get what I want. I want a job I care about that’s not in a suburb, I want to return to Uptown slash “that feeling,” and I want to ride a bike everywhere I need and would care to go. Yesterday I saw the

  • the therebefore

    Friday after work I drove to Fargo doubting, was I doing the right thing? hanging onto seven years that hang and hold me. One of the very few things that happened that happened in The Teaching Emotion is that a nobody band named AFI played in a basement in West Fargo, North Dakota, September 27,

  • disparity key

    I listen to music I like. I often read liner notes at least once and attend shows like a fiend. But I am not a fan girl. I rarely know the names of individual performers and nine times out of ten the first time I see them (what they look like at all) is when

  • shortcomings and goings

    Hey. Things have and will be changing piecemeal hereabouts. Perhaps, once “done,” I’ll list off all alterations should one want to catch them all, but yeah, revisions, additions, and erasures are on the way. If you like something the way you like it, I suggest you do some cut-n-pasting, ’cause if it goes, it’s gone,

  • No News Is Good

    Not much to report. School started. I found a bunch of (…And You Will Know Us By the) Trail of Dead stickers. If you want one, ask. My friend Kevin has self-published his second novel, Cocktail—wheeeeeeee! I look forward. It was my brother Joe’s birthday a couple weeks ago—he’s (gasp!) 13. It’s my mom’s birthday

  • …And You All Thought I Died

    I apologize for the lack of updates, but I think a congratulations is in order, as I HAVE SURVIVED A HELL WEEK! mixed with ~heaven~ (ooooooo!) Wanna hear about it? Of course you do! Thursday was my last day of (first summer session) class, but I had a final paper yet to write, due on