• achieving objections

    Given the past several deepsicks updates and subsequent discussions, the past several months of my real-life tuning in, fully intellectually engaged and emotionally invested ’cause I care so much and want so much positive things for the nation and world, I suppose a few words are in order. Enough time has passed to suggest thought-out,

  • fake shows

    Dan will be throwing down some noise tomorrow night—Monday the 24th—at Old Broadway, located at 22 Broadway in downtown Fargo. You should go because I can’t. Also playing is Kurt Schultz of Minneapolis and St. Vitas. On June 5, check out: chip off the old block presented by grindthieves, international and saboingaden productions, featuring curtis

  • happy new year

    I don’t make resolutions, I make demands, and I want to get what I want. I want a job I care about that’s not in a suburb, I want to return to Uptown slash “that feeling,” and I want to ride a bike everywhere I need and would care to go. Yesterday I saw the

  • the therebefore

    Friday after work I drove to Fargo doubting, was I doing the right thing? hanging onto seven years that hang and hold me. One of the very few things that happened that happened in The Teaching Emotion is that a nobody band named AFI played in a basement in West Fargo, North Dakota, September 27,

  • * s t r e t c h e s *

    This is nice, very nice indeedy yessiree oh wow. Most everything made the transition a-okay but I do know of a few broken links (or linkage to the old server, rather) that will have to stay stodgy for a couple weeks. I also hope to update no longer relevent sections, add a bundle of links,

  • the thief is me

    For graduation I got new shoes, oatmeal cookies, and a digital camera. Today I look like this: I visited Fargo this past week in pity-preparation for ureteroscopic surgery to remove my kidney stone. All those hugs from family and friends must have jarred it loose, because I passed it through my system Saturday night making

  • hi.

    Long time, no update, and nothing new to say now ‘cept ughhh I wanna graduate, tear the timeleech from my mind. I’ve had more kidney trouble and with the non-pain days, fevers, headaches, and apathy. Trying to get help has been a nightmare—long story short, to ensure insurance covers the bills, I’ll have to make