• fakeproject is real

    Last weekend I went to the Fargo Winter Carnival and was received, seen, and conquered by fakeproject, the sonic mindscape conceived, controlled, and disseminated by Dan Reetz and Shaun Fort. I’ve been trying to find the words all week to describe my head smashed against a speaker all weak to hear feel deep their latest

  • Deferral of the Inevitable with (Dinosaur) Adventures in 3D

    So technically this time—Sunday Sunday Sunday—is reserved for me to begin my senior paper project of a nonfictive creative nature with as-of-yet undetermined content. But I don’t know what to do (what the hell am I going to do??) so that’s right—deepsicks gets an update. Um… let’s see. Underworld was fantastic, spectacular amazing electrifying and

  • stepping beyond

    This piece was first composed July 10, 2001, as an email to three friends then expanded and revised in the spring of 2002 in a creative nonfiction course. Yes, it’s a true story—the Real MacKaye. 🙂 If ever you eat at My Viet in Fargo, North Dakota, check out the upright beverage cooler crammed with fruit