• this how we do

    The Midwest took a wallop this Christmastime. This is the winter of my kidhood, waist-deep in snowpants and glancing-blow bumpers all over the city, everyone your neighbor and savior. We dig in a few days then get bored and brave plowed in intersections to stomp frozen feet before the survivalist, manly palaces of Fleet Farm

  • for a limited time only

    The University of Victoria has a Ring Road and I have determined this to be a damned shame, consistently warping my sense of direction and claiming the distinction of long-standing university political contention. Why aren’t we on the inside of The Ring? like academics don’t have enough things to bitch about. The best green buildings,

  • the idiots

    Victoria finally got the guts, the ambition, the fire in its belly eating up the oxygen from the wind in its sails to scorch its fair citizens with 84 degrees, no breeze, brazen.

  • fight this

    Trekking all over Seattle finds me a tofu corn dog and Chipotle I couldn’t pass up, poetry on the streets sold on scraps and rapped from corners. The city becomes more familiar with every touching down, every bus shuttle kickoff at the base of the Space Needle, asking peace officers for pointings in right directions