• will, way, check.

    If you’re reading this, I’m a genius, or dogged enough to figure out how to make it happen—ftp from the university in secrecy as though anyone would care, really, though surreptitious down- and uploading is undoubtedly frowned upon. I’ve been working at a library at the U of M since the beginning of September to

  • midwest über alles

    So when I wrote that the new, improved deepsicks was a farewell burial for the Death of the Internet, I wasn’t kidding. Thus… long lag. Not that I haven’t been making treks cross and back the world wide web. I’ve just been making strides in Real Life, too, and that feels pretty good. If falling

  • check

    Hi. Not a whole lot of news. Been in and out of good and bad and now I’m just confused but okay with it. For instance: I’m listening to Skinny Puppy but downloading Finding Nemo because I really want to see it. Speaking of SK, remember my claim that The Greater Wrong of the Right

  • deepsicks? meet mozilla!

    My Internet Explorer has been hijacked by some crap bogus-link search engine that continually changes my homepage. I’ve tried the virus software and ad-aware scans, the search-and-destroy bots, shredders and manual key registry adjustments. Nothing works—nothing. So instead of fighting the damn thing, I downloaded the open-source browser Mozilla. I’m getting the hang of it.

  • whisper revisited

    I’ve added some photos from the Whisper in the Noise show last Thursday at the 7th Street. The show was spectacular once again, and many props/hugs/high fives to Danno who drove feverish miles to accompany me. I like it when my friends like the things I like. I replaced the berloody I Killed My Internet

  • goodbye, cruel worldwideweb

    A couple mornings ago I noticed an .mpg all conspicuous-like on my server; it was uploaded by Dan, who shares this space, and how precious the weirdness that waited upon discovery of the Scar Strangled Banter (the film has been moved to another server—see news item above). The bizarre brainchild of Brandon Marback, SSB combines

  • go look at other stuff

      I haven’t a whole lot to say for myself, so I’ll just send y’all to a bunch of other places. Much of this is old news, and it’s not even my news, but it interests me. It also travels the web with a quickness, and I hate to recycle it unnecessarily (imagining that at

  • spring break bewarin’ the ides of march

    Last night at Kevin Kautzman’s Cocktail Party, I read a short creative nonfiction piece and a bit of The Teaching Emotion to a small and non-threatening crowd. Contrary to my fear, I did not freak out, though much to listeners’ bemusement and even my own, I felt the need and did indeed do some stretching