• ode to Colin

    Colin came to visit from a mysterious land across the sea.

  • whos laughing now

      A selection of Chinese-made American fireworks.             My favorite is Baby Boomers, with the sad, frustrated adults.  

  • cookie monster

    The only good part about Valentine’s Day is Bree’s annual cookie-decorating soiree, which I’ve missed for the past three years. I was back in full effect on Sunday, Super Bowl be damned. I am a cookie-decorating rockstar (and stylish plate fiend). BOOYAH! This poor swine has the flu. TRAMP STAMP COOKIE! For the record, I

  • metasuspicious

    Compliments of andyF and a romping day of SkyTrain. Things = good. Update: Andy posted the shot on Flickr. Noice.

  • more fun than Eddie Murphy in French

    It’s been tough this election season, being in Canada where the action ain’t (and they’ve their own campaigns to mind). Mostly, I cry. Oh glorious day, when my absentee ballot arrived. In 2006 I took a photo to commemorate my Secrecy Envelope. This year, I’ve pulled out all the stops to document my patriotic anguish

  • worthe it

    Walking home from the fake chicken store, I see a couple kids across the street, business-poised proud and hailing me over. Yippee, and hell yeah! Young entrepreneurs selling some flavors, lemon sour sugar sweet refreshment on an okay, so it’s a gray April day that doesn’t need ice-cold relief. But a brightening…? I’ll take it.