• fight this

    Trekking all over Seattle finds me a tofu corn dog and Chipotle I couldn’t pass up, poetry on the streets sold on scraps and rapped from corners. The city becomes more familiar with every touching down, every bus shuttle kickoff at the base of the Space Needle, asking peace officers for pointings in right directions

  • looking different

    Hello there, and happy new year. It’s time for something different—essentially the same but I’m losing lots of things, as well as insistent on gaining more. The new deepsicks layout follows the former—having been birthed nearly three years ago, sections of this website are no longer relevant. I don’t believe in throwing away words, but

  • new email

    Hey, everyone—I have a new email address: m e g h o l l e @ g m a i l . c o m. It’s diy to avoid for as long as possible receiving things like this: Please use this new account for all your megh contacting needs. Have a joyous turkey genocide and

  • last long

    Check it—I have the IN-TER-NET. It was a long and difficult two and some weeks, but I have survived, and may even be slightly better for it. I’m all moved into my übercool apartment which is shaping up ship with my collage-crazy way of having my way. I also pull busted things off boulevards. The

  • little pushes

    The website overhaul’s taking longer than anticipated. Sorry. In the meantime I badly sprained or mildly broke my ring-finger while rocking out in my room to the Blood Brothers. I was playing guitar. I also fell down at the corner of Cedar and Riverside during heavy traffic and skinned my limbs, ate fruit in a

  • whoaaaaaa-ohhhhhhhh i’m still alive

    I passed a kidney stone on Wednesday—it was the most excruciating experience I’ve ever and will ever have (until I pass another; this was my second, and I am too young). It’s reportedly the most painful event one can undergo and still survive—worse than broken bones, major surgery, giving birth, and getting shot. I like

  • 2002 Goodbyes

    After much anguish, almond iced tea, and pseudo-breakdancing, I finished my senior project in creative nonfiction, a paper comparing the deaths of Princess Di and Elvis Presley, a paper on the film The Exorcist (8 pages! and I could’ve written more!), and a final exam on early British literature. The whole ordeal was murderous, I