• feeling all right

    Greatings! No cataclysms are occurring but good things nonetheless. First of all and most marvelously, I have a library internship at Utne magazine starting at the end of the month through the end of August. For those unaware, Utne is compiled from thousands of alternative and small-press publications, zines, books and internet sites, serving up

  • still lookin

    Hey. Still working on CSS hax0rz and stuff. Check out the Wormwood photos from the Meiosis release here. JM Coetzee’s Disgrace is the best-written book I’ve ever read. Thanks to Mark for insisting well over a year ago that I read it. I don’t know whether the delay reflects upon me poorly (about time) or

  • looking different

    Hello there, and happy new year. It’s time for something different—essentially the same but I’m losing lots of things, as well as insistent on gaining more. The new deepsicks layout follows the former—having been birthed nearly three years ago, sections of this website are no longer relevant. I don’t believe in throwing away words, but

  • sungod prayers

    Days have been long—the nights, rather, excruciatingly lightless, while time drops like a depth charge out of my control. I’d’ve been all over this forever night nonsense were I, say, fourteen and goth. Unfortunately (?) I’m adult and postmodern (postpunk, postrave, postyouth, postal) and prime to succumb to seasonal affective disorder. Thank god (ahem—a mangered

  • despare me

    Finally got new Wormwood photos up (the show was July 7). They’re arranged in a more linear (or would that be circular?) photo album, with thanks to Dan for giving a shove in the right direction. Took me the better part of this fine afternoon figuring it through—will take additional tweaking does it keep. Today

  • warmer

    It’s been over a month since my last update. I would love to regale all with tales of fantastica, but not much of celebratory or even noteworthy note’s been going on. Joy’s concrete but diffuse and too tied to the dark too deep, especially when I’m out of it. Saturday morning I got up at

  • fake shows

    Dan will be throwing down some noise tomorrow night—Monday the 24th—at Old Broadway, located at 22 Broadway in downtown Fargo. You should go because I can’t. Also playing is Kurt Schultz of Minneapolis and St. Vitas. On June 5, check out: chip off the old block presented by grindthieves, international and saboingaden productions, featuring curtis

  • a whisper in the noise

    Yes, I am supposed to be dead. I am trying. It is hard. But diplomacy and passion drive me to encourage all to check out A Whisper in the Noise. This past Thursday I attended their CD release show at the Triple Rock. In collaboration with Duluth-based experimental guitar noise band If Thousands, AWitN unveiled