• fake fake fake

      About a year ago I attended the First Annual Fargo Winter Carnivale and danced all crazy-like before the stage, blown away by Fakeproject. After a series of emails, trials, errors and significant loads of mutual respect and awe, a year later—last weekend—I found myself on the stage performing with Fake (aka Dan Reetz). Yeah.

  • go look at other stuff

      I haven’t a whole lot to say for myself, so I’ll just send y’all to a bunch of other places. Much of this is old news, and it’s not even my news, but it interests me. It also travels the web with a quickness, and I hate to recycle it unnecessarily (imagining that at

  • happy new year

    I don’t make resolutions, I make demands, and I want to get what I want. I want a job I care about that’s not in a suburb, I want to return to Uptown slash “that feeling,” and I want to ride a bike everywhere I need and would care to go. Yesterday I saw the

  • cult = me

    New photos of Wormwood have been added to archimago, taken from their December 2 appearance at the Uptown Bar and Cafe. I experimented with some different in-camera effects, including black and white which turned out schnazzy and the polarization filter which sucks and will never happen again, I promise. I love the light-streaky mystery, but

  • r.i.p. x.o.

    Next Tuesday the 28th, Prefuse 73 plays at the 400 Bar. Shortly over a year ago, I vowed never to return to that venue—humid, smoky, and insufferably jammed—where I witnessed one of the musicians I admired the most make an ass of himself and a fool of me. I don’t know whether he was drunk

  • catching up

    Sometime in 2000 Fargo-friend Luke asked if I went to the Marilyn Manson concert. I probably snickered. I remember being curious but not enough to pay to stand in one spot at the seats-only venue, especially without being a fan. I would’ve been bored. Probably would’ve broken something. “You missed out,” Luke told me, and

  • the therebefore

    Friday after work I drove to Fargo doubting, was I doing the right thing? hanging onto seven years that hang and hold me. One of the very few things that happened that happened in The Teaching Emotion is that a nobody band named AFI played in a basement in West Fargo, North Dakota, September 27,

  • last long

    Check it—I have the IN-TER-NET. It was a long and difficult two and some weeks, but I have survived, and may even be slightly better for it. I’m all moved into my übercool apartment which is shaping up ship with my collage-crazy way of having my way. I also pull busted things off boulevards. The