• let the shames begin

    Torn at the moment, an eight-year affair, two years divorced but I’m so goddamned close it’s all I can do to keep from crying just wanting to be there. On the streets of St. Paul, with my brothers in blood, siblings in thought, and neighbors being the best kind of Americans known how. I’m tempted

  • the idiots

    Victoria finally got the guts, the ambition, the fire in its belly eating up the oxygen from the wind in its sails to scorch its fair citizens with 84 degrees, no breeze, brazen.

  • how to watch a lunar eclipse

    I inherited a tripod from one of my new roommates. It is basic but serviceable. I know there’s no way my camera will catch the moon missing, but the February 21 lunar eclipse is a good opportunity to take out the tripod and practice unmoving. Speaking of (un)moving, things have been good here in Victoria,

  • fight this

    Trekking all over Seattle finds me a tofu corn dog and Chipotle I couldn’t pass up, poetry on the streets sold on scraps and rapped from corners. The city becomes more familiar with every touching down, every bus shuttle kickoff at the base of the Space Needle, asking peace officers for pointings in right directions

  • happy h-day and vote nov. 7, my ammie pally-whos

    I cast my absentee ballot last week. Though I’m short a look-at-me, I’m-a-good-citizen “I voted!” sticker, I did get a SECRECY ENVELOPE, which more than made up for it (even though I had to send it back). I know it’s hard to tell whether I’m crying or rocking out: I am in fact rocking out.

  • what will i done

    My train leaves in 6 hours. I know people who know people who have taken the same train just to take it—the journey the destination across the plains and through the mountains it’s so gorgeous, just you wait westward bound on the shamelessly named Empire Builder. When my dad was a little boy, he took

  • we are what america looks like

    On April 28, 2006, I took a half shift at work to join my brother Sam on the steps of Northrop at the U of M campus for a metrowide student walkout war protest. The last antiwar march I went to, the United States wasn’t even at war yet. This was over three years ago,

  • achieving objections

    Given the past several deepsicks updates and subsequent discussions, the past several months of my real-life tuning in, fully intellectually engaged and emotionally invested ’cause I care so much and want so much positive things for the nation and world, I suppose a few words are in order. Enough time has passed to suggest thought-out,