• one more week… i hope

    Last Thursday, Sam, along with his coworker and her 11-year-old daughter, and I stood outside in the getting colder to see John Kerry in the Metrodome parking lot. I’m terrible at great masses and distances—so, uh, there were an awful lot of people, and we were awfully far away from the podium. Kerry delivered the

  • fundrazing

    Coming home from work Wednesday, pulling off downhill parallel parking with ease, some ten-year-olds on cool bikes accost me as I get out of my car. “Do you want to buy a C-Book so we can buy a new teacher?” “A new teacher?!” “Yeah, and we don’t have any gym stuff, either.” “Huh. What’s a

  • deter.mining

    I have grown weary of the politics of not talking about politics. As Election 2004 approaches, we are bombarded with misinfotainment and general media absurdity (both ketchup and mustard?). Being blessed without cable television, I’ve been able to avoid the majority of the least common denominator noise brought to us by filled with blanks. But

  • not safe for humans

    i swore i wouldn’t watch it. the moment i heard it happened, i swore i didn’t want to see. it was linked from a friend’s site. “not safe for work, life, humans” is all it said, and curiosity clicked. when the media player stalled at the opening, i knew immediately this is it but only

  • a whisper in the noise

    Yes, I am supposed to be dead. I am trying. It is hard. But diplomacy and passion drive me to encourage all to check out A Whisper in the Noise. This past Thursday I attended their CD release show at the Triple Rock. In collaboration with Duluth-based experimental guitar noise band If Thousands, AWitN unveiled

  • go look at other stuff

      I haven’t a whole lot to say for myself, so I’ll just send y’all to a bunch of other places. Much of this is old news, and it’s not even my news, but it interests me. It also travels the web with a quickness, and I hate to recycle it unnecessarily (imagining that at

  • the therebefore

    Friday after work I drove to Fargo doubting, was I doing the right thing? hanging onto seven years that hang and hold me. One of the very few things that happened that happened in The Teaching Emotion is that a nobody band named AFI played in a basement in West Fargo, North Dakota, September 27,

  • not a social ill, just socially ill

    As a profoundly dedicated music enthusiast, I’m deeply numbed by the Chicago and Rhode Island nightclub tragedies. My thoughts are with the victims, survivors, and their families, and I wish they didn’t need to be—I wish they weren’t ’cause I can think of nothing else, and it makes me want to throw up. While ostensibly