• life in pixels

    Short on words but not on shots. May 11-14 I visited my friend Nathan in the Pacific Northwest. D6 lifers may recall my visit to him last year, when he lived in Tacoma. He now lives in Seattle. I was met off the bus from the airport with squeals and glee by my old Minneapolis

  • robots feel pain

    I know I already mentioned (ranted about?) this in the last news item, but I thought I’d throw it out there again in a more positive light (…sort of…). I are a graduate! That’s right—I’ve been duped into believing an education’s worth receiving and actually went through with it, like a good monkey should. Sunday

  • la la laaa

    I’m done with classes, and once I finish a final paper, I will have completed seventeen years of formal education. I am more than ready-willing to leave this life-track after high school, you go to college and then what? I’m not going to grad school. I need to pay bills and loans, but to start

  • 2002 Goodbyes

    After much anguish, almond iced tea, and pseudo-breakdancing, I finished my senior project in creative nonfiction, a paper comparing the deaths of Princess Di and Elvis Presley, a paper on the film The Exorcist (8 pages! and I could’ve written more!), and a final exam on early British literature. The whole ordeal was murderous, I

  • Nag Champa Sandwichs, Zombies, and O.G.D6

    I bought a box of Nag Champa incense today at a local witchshop and threw it without thought into my bag, right next to my lunch. Five hours later, I unassumingly took a bite of P ‘n’ J saturated with vile—the powerfume soaked through the box and past the sandwich baggie making for one nasty,

  • …And You All Thought I Died

    I apologize for the lack of updates, but I think a congratulations is in order, as I HAVE SURVIVED A HELL WEEK! mixed with ~heaven~ (ooooooo!) Wanna hear about it? Of course you do! Thursday was my last day of (first summer session) class, but I had a final paper yet to write, due on

  • Untitled

    Hey. There’s not a whole lotta news with this update—I just wanted to say I included a “just the facts” section on the obtaining info page to make it less confusing. Yeah. I’m fully immersed in end-of-semester stress—I have a final on a Saturday afternoon (whhhhhhyyyyyy!!!!) and need to finish (…and start…) a project by