• disparity key

    I listen to music I like. I often read liner notes at least once and attend shows like a fiend. But I am not a fan girl. I rarely know the names of individual performers and nine times out of ten the first time I see them (what they look like at all) is when

  • a perfect cycle

    I move Labor Day weekend, all right! and it will be the seventh time in four years. I don’t have a real good reason to push on this time—the rent’s cheap and the place ain’t bad—but I do know this: every time I move, things change. New environments make new thoughts, and I escape routine

  • introducing the lonely parts

    I am the proud owner of an old bike! If you recall, I had a brand-new beaut torn from my life after my third time riding it last January. My friends Kevin and Kellen have been kind enough to give me another—or, equally true, I’ve been kind (humble) enough to take it off their hands.

  • fakeproject is real

    Last weekend I went to the Fargo Winter Carnival and was received, seen, and conquered by fakeproject, the sonic mindscape conceived, controlled, and disseminated by Dan Reetz and Shaun Fort. I’ve been trying to find the words all week to describe my head smashed against a speaker all weak to hear feel deep their latest

  • Untitled

    THE TEACHING EMOTION IS ON SALE! That’s right, folks, you too can experience the full brunt of deepsicks by ordering the novel from Booksurge. I have placed an order myself for 50 books which I will sell myself at discount, but this order has yet to be filled much less shipped and received, so it’s

  • Untitled

    Hey. There’s been some technical difficulties—nothing grand mal, just sufficient to cause delay with the books. But enough about that. How ’bout this weather and my increasing fascination with humanity? awed by the jazz-blasting bus driver dressed to the nines and microfilm from ’62 when MLK Jr. was still alive and temperatures in the warm