• 1627 words

    So I was thinking. How complicating and annoying and dehumanizing it is to be human with our sex bits and socialized social sophistication, communication evolved to its apparent highest form—manipulation, deception and double-fisted entendre. Hard not to love that too, for all its playfulness. Possibility. Making words do the unexpected and wonderful, why, it’s my

  • metasuspicious

    Compliments of andyF and a romping day of SkyTrain. Things = good. Update: Andy posted the shot on Flickr. Noice.

  • waves

    T-minus 40 days and 40 nights till I turn in my final paper, feel the flood, swallow the West River, allah that. I’m hanging in there, cracking knuckles and shading in shallows, drafting blueprints, dragging footprints, keeping all my promises by making none. Wish we could hang out, Vancouver. Get some tea, some sushi, trouble

  • recapped

    It was safest to walk down the center of the street, Minneapolis iced up mulling deep the responsi-liabilities, post-Christmas economy crash cow, it’s on us, you know. For worshiping idle, being economical, our faults, for knitting our own scarves to keep warm and our pennies, kill ourselves for loonies (MAD MEN!) how we’ll hang from

  • passing the timing

    Mid-May my laptop’s A/C adapter expires and I can’t seem to replace it locally for under $150 say what? yeah, and I get sick of looking—the Mom and Pop shrugging and the superslick Big Box Boys shoving into my hands product I can’t afford then blocking the rack so I can’t put it back while