• building a desert

    Here in library school, the mantra goes, “The first semester is hard.” All new students take the same four classes together and it’s murderous then it’s over, and you can move on to courses no less hard but allegedly less intensive. …Was the refrain, almost a point of pride we survived, and kid, you’ll survive

  • new happy year

    When I first moved to Vancouver, I had a three-month sublet, a bedroom filled with meanings not my own. Everything is temporary, knew that already, eating off a stranger’s plates and sleeping in a stranger’s bed. I looked forward to a different living situation to have a space of my own, with my own things,

  • snow day

    It’s been raining every day for a month. Saturday afternoon, it started to snow. I forgot the cold, forgave the cloaks on still green leaves, the waxy tropic ovals without a Midwest chance. The home-from-campus bus that normally drags out sighs, claws patience, twists my spine into a hateful slump waste of time delivers a

  • paradigm SHIFT!

    I know what youall are thinking, you’re thinking tell us about Vancouver! and get all philosophical while you punish us with your emotional agenda! Sorry, folks, but I’ve been ill with a nasty cold and overwhelmed with various activities of the needful kind and sneaking in the exploration when I’m not pass-out fatigued or dizzy

  • life in pixels

    Short on words but not on shots. May 11-14 I visited my friend Nathan in the Pacific Northwest. D6 lifers may recall my visit to him last year, when he lived in Tacoma. He now lives in Seattle. I was met off the bus from the airport with squeals and glee by my old Minneapolis