• the future needs me present

    I finished a journal last week—another volume in the life of megh, bringing with it a sense of accomplishment “I did it!” did what? and the ominous intimidation of a brand new blank book waiting (though my journaling is sporadic, I already have another one gilded flowery). The last one took me about a year,

  • goodbye, cruel worldwideweb

    A couple mornings ago I noticed an .mpg all conspicuous-like on my server; it was uploaded by Dan, who shares this space, and how precious the weirdness that waited upon discovery of the Scar Strangled Banter (the film has been moved to another server—see news item above). The bizarre brainchild of Brandon Marback, SSB combines

  • fake fake fake

      About a year ago I attended the First Annual Fargo Winter Carnivale and danced all crazy-like before the stage, blown away by Fakeproject. After a series of emails, trials, errors and significant loads of mutual respect and awe, a year later—last weekend—I found myself on the stage performing with Fake (aka Dan Reetz). Yeah.

  • go look at other stuff

      I haven’t a whole lot to say for myself, so I’ll just send y’all to a bunch of other places. Much of this is old news, and it’s not even my news, but it interests me. It also travels the web with a quickness, and I hate to recycle it unnecessarily (imagining that at

  • tuning out, turning in

    And how was your day? and how was your day? and how was your day at every moment step stop of the way could be doing anything, so I decided I would. Stop writing about writing, talking about talking, dreaming about dreaming. Now I do about doing. I am on sabbatical, become every bit as

  • spring break bewarin’ the ides of march

    Last night at Kevin Kautzman’s Cocktail Party, I read a short creative nonfiction piece and a bit of The Teaching Emotion to a small and non-threatening crowd. Contrary to my fear, I did not freak out, though much to listeners’ bemusement and even my own, I felt the need and did indeed do some stretching

  • Untitled

    On May 27th, at 2:09 PM… Retrieving something from the top of my closet, I knocked my deodorant off the shelf which somehow managed to land on the switch of the power strip which hooks up our internet cable box and router (yes, our network is in my closet). Everything shut off for about 10