Digital camera fun and fists against apathy

News items will now have headings. You like? Good! So this is me delaying the inevitable—homework—what the hell was I thinking? Summer school? So why the update, um… I changed a pic on the bio page and uploaded some shots so everyone can see my new pants, burned foot, and a week’s wages, all linked in the “things that make me happy” thread in the forum. Epich tells me GIFs load faster than JPGs despite their larger file sizes. This seems rather counterintuitive, and I somehow screw up GIF conversion (yet another symptom of my not knowing what I’m doing) so we’ll see if anything happens in the “your pictures take forever to load” arena. Um, what else…. With his band Ugly Casanova, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse mastery proves beyond doubt that everything he touches turns to gold (not to say he carries the group—these guys are all amazing and new music keeps me breathing). Despite my previous eye-outs, don’t expect Instrumental to grow anytime soon (school + work [obligation] = slow death + no time/motivation for words). I itch for open road, uninterrupted sky. I am the weather, sedating sweaty heavy sinking in holding on. Consuming.

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